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What is Bizaillion Floors, LLC. about? “Done right the first time!” Our customers appreciate our approach, as they consistently reflect this in reviews. With 40 years of experience in perfecting our process, Bizaillion Floors, LLC. continues to make dreams come true – with far better quality and in less time than our competitors! We are constantly asked how we can accomplish the task in less time than other companies. For example, we can generally accomplish in one day what it takes our competitors to achieve in multiple days. We are known for being ahead of schedule. Why? Precision equipment and experience makes the difference. 



What else? Integrity. (1) We won’t steer you to restore your floor if the floor isn’t stable enough (the stone is too worn out, the grout is too deteriorated, or the surface is too damaged). (2) We won’t try to sell you on procedures that won’t benefit the floor, nor increase the longevity of the floor. For example, we’ll buff the floor to the level to get scratches out but not overwork the floor. Running extra diamond pads in this example is unnecessary and costly.

In 1977, we set out not just be another company and have been true to our commitment. Our success stems from the original goal in 1977 to be unique in the industry, not just to expand, but also to perfect our quality. We have constantly researched and stayed on top, tip-top of our game.

As the owner of Bizaillion Floors, LLC., I have a huge stake in the ongoing success of our family-owned company. I invest whatever it takes to deliver the best result in this fast-evolving industry. It takes vision, research, devotion and much more. And this personal ambition has paid off more than ever. Our customers are spreading the word! Calls are coming in from customers’ families, friends and neighbors who’ve seen the floors we’ve restored to schedule evaluations!

Give us an opportunity to do a free apple-to-apple comparison against any competitor. Our work will demonstrate we have the better product.
Greg Bizaillion

Please allow Bizaillion Floors, LLC. to be your number one choice in natural stone refinishing, such as Travertine, Terrazzo, Marble, as well as Saltillo, Slate or other floor types you may have.




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