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Choosing The Right Refinishing Company

When people look for the best company to refinish their floors, many people run into the same question, “Are they willing to use the difficult sealers?" Certain sealers are far more difficult to use and take a lot of experience. One of the more difficult sealers are the enhancers. They must be applied in the correct order. They must be applied for a certain amount of time, must be worked into the floor, and carefully removed and rechecked to be sure there is not too much on them afterwards. The enhancers are used outside, and you must work with the weather and prioritize the best times to apply them. Many companies will not even use the enhancers because they're extremely difficult to use. This is a sealer that we use a lot and have no problem with, and of course if you have other sealers, we can easily apply them because we cut our teeth on the very difficult products. One of my favorites is STAIN-PROOF®, formerly known as Dry-Treat™, because it lasts longer and seems to hold up much longer. It’s expensive but worth it and we don't mind using the expensive products when we know they perform exceedingly well! Whatever your needs are, Biz Floors is happy to tackle your project - difficult or simple.


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