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Travertine Polishing Houston, Texas


Bizaillion Floors, LLC. prides itself on cutting-edge methods available to our customers to restore the luster and ultimate shine of travertine polishing surfaces. From our innovative techniques and expertly-crafted machinery in conjunction with custom products and specialized services, Bizaillion Floors, LLC. brings dull, damaged travertine back to life.


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Industry standards include crystallization and diamond polishing. Both effective. Both controversial. Crystallization (or vitrification) is the process of applying acid-based products with steel wool.Before After 1 While this is a common practice, many refinishers typically follow this process, Bizaillion Floors, LLC. believes crystallization is an archaic method and alternative methods produce higher quality and better results. “Diamond” travertine polishing buffs surfaces with various complex, aggressive pads, less aggressive finishing pads, and fine polishing powders. The hard pads remove severe and shallow scratches, while the pastes and powders bring the finished product to perfection. 


Travertine Polishing 1Although both methods mentioned above can vary in execution, Bizaillion Floors, LLC. institutes a proven, refined method specifically to enhance the beauty of travertine. By combining countless types and brands of aggressive and non-aggressive diamond pads and numerous powders. Bizaillion Floors, LLC. specifies the application based on the hardness and porosity of each natural stone. Much like a master craftsman insists on his toolbox being more than adequate. Moreover, the right tool, or diamond pad, for the unique need is paramount. This is the first thing that makes Bizaillion Floors, LLC. different. 


Another big difference is Bizaillion Floors, LLC. works with manufacturers that are advancing their technologies to find ways to improve or adjust the size, speed, and pressure. Amongst other things that push diamonds to produce far greater quality, resulting in a surface that will look better and last longer. Next, our custom-designed electronic water-fed injector is very unique in the industry. Basically, water is only released when the machine is running and the amount of water is exact instead of depending on the traditional method of the operator controlling the amount of water dispensed. (A hit and miss at best!) This also allows precision work right up to the very edge of the wall with equal compression so that nothing is left. The electronic injection also keeps the walls from becoming wet and damaged because the operation is more controllable.

Always pressing the boundaries to produce uncompromised quality when it comes to remaining innovative and efficient. Additionally, with new advancements in environmentally-safe products and state-of-the-art equipment, Bizaillion Floors, LLC. ensures unparalleled results.


To polish travertine, you must start off with a clean floor. The next step would be to evaluate the travertine to see how badly the floor is scratchable or how healthy the floor is so we can determine how deep you must go with your diamonds typically most floors will start off with a #400 diamond and then proceed with the next steps #600-#800-#1800-#3000-#6000 diamonds (Every system is different this is just a generic example). After running all your diamonds you can start with your polish if more shine desires. After cleaning, grinding, and polishing is done then you will need to seal the floor with a penetrating sealer to complete the job.

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