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About Us

You may be looking at this website because a friend told you about Bizaillion Floors or you are browsing websites to compare services offered by companies. Let me see if I can help. I’m Greg Bizaillion, the owner of Bizfloors and have been breaking down all the difference for folks for over 40 years. My passion is to help find the right fit for the customer and for us. In a nutshell, our many years of service of perfecting not only the cleaning process, but also the sealing process is our winning combination. Few companies mention this because they generally only have one way to seal the floor: lambswool or similar applicator. While these tools are useful, they are not enough! We use special tools and machinery that work the sealer deeper into the floor. This makes a huge difference in the look and in the longevity! I cannot begin to stress the importance of our two-step process.


Our existing customers, repeat customers find our refined method to be spot on. Now, I’m speaking to you…the one we want to answer questions for, further explain why we have been so successful for so long, and how we can fulfil your dreams of an improved look and touch to your existing, old, worn, or newly installed floor. The logic is very simple: working the sealer deeper into the floor saturates the product further into the pores and, more importantly, gives more shielding protection. Incredibly important to the sustainability of the floor. A quick swipe of lambs’ wool and over-the-counter sealers don’t get the job done and it happens day in and day out. Bizfloors customers can attest to this and that’s why they continue to use us and to refer their families and friends to Bizfloors.

In 1977, we set out not just be another company and have been true to our commitment. Our success stems from the original goal in 1977 to be unique in the industry, not just to expand, but also to perfect our quality. We have constantly researched and stayed on top, tip-top of our game.

I hope I’ve helped answer your questions and help you navigate through an oversaturated DIYers market and make-a-quick-sale tactics. And I hope I’ve demonstrated my passion for taking the best care to deliver what I whole-heartedly believe is the proven method for cleaning and sealing your floor to enrich the look, the feel, and the endurance.

Call me for a consultation. There’s no charge. No obligation. If I can answer any more questions, I’d be happy to. Reach directly at 832.290.2142.

All the best,

Please allow Bizaillion Floors, LLC. to be your number one choice in natural stone refinishing, such as Travertine, Terrazzo, Marble, as well as Saltillo, Slate or other floor types you may have.




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