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Crack Repair and Chemicals

Crack Repair:

Crack repair and resurfacing of indoor and outdoor flooring is what we do at Bizaillion Floors. Spring and summer are the best seasons to transform your backyard patio or swimming pool into an entertaining space for friends and family during the hot Texas months. We like to be called your crack repair headquarters. Although we are not tile installers or provide uneven tile replacement for foundation shifts, if you have cracked tiles and were told that they needed to be replaced you are in the right place. We can repair cracks and refinish tiles. But, what if your tiles are dulled from foot traffic? What are the effects of the elements? Are they being thrown away? Bizaillion Floors is a more affordable option!

Bizaillion Floors can repair any unsightly cracks in tile. Cracks will almost disappear with our expert crack repairs process. It takes only a few hours and our customers are pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the results. We also offer additional services such as grout cleaning and tile sealing. You'll love turning your outdoor living area from dull to welcoming. Let's not forget that home improvements and upgrades can make a huge difference in the value of your floors, and more importantly, your home's value. It's been 40+ years. It must be working! Give us a call today to give your stone some TLC.


The availability of products has improved dramatically in recent years. Some products are better than they were a decade back. There are floor sealers and finishes that work better. They are also more effective. This is great news for professionals offering tile cleaning services. It means that tiles will last longer and have a better performance. Methylene chloride, however, has been removed from the market.

Methylene chloride, which was only available up to 2017, was the strongest paint and varnish remover. It could also be used to remove wax and coatings from floors. It is now no longer available for purchase in the United States. It was replaced by another chemical that works faster and more efficiently. Although the so-called substitute product is effective, it does not work as well. Many refinishing businesses were shocked by this. Methylene chloride was the preferred product to remove difficult finishes, and some refinishers were forced out of business.

Bizaillion Floors is not limited to one product. There were many ways to refinish floors, and we never stopped learning. Methylene chloride was one of the most effective products available for removing any type of finish. However, our sophisticated equipment and method allowed us to remain unphased. We continue to deliver refinishing services to our customers' surprise delight after other companies failed to live up to their expectations. Do not be disappointed. Call....


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